First experience reading NYLON

If it weren’t for my friend, Michelle, I probably wouldn’t have been exposed to the wonderful magazine NYLON. She interned at their NYC office this summer as a graphic designer and absolutely loved it.

Since the September 2011 issue (denoted “The TV Issue” is my first time reading NYLON, I wanted to document my reaction to it. As the semester progresses, I’ll critique the decisions the staff made, but before so I need to gather an understanding of the magazine.

My experience reading NYLON was an enjoyable one. Part of me wanted to clip out every article and assemble a “things to buy” list. The other part of me wanted to keep every beautifully designed page untouched. As I scoured the content, I gathered that this magazine is supposed to be “edgy and fresh.” Like every magazine strives to do, its purpose is to inform readers of what’s going to be in style, not just what’s popular right now.

Pages are filled with tips on how to achieve a certain look or tidbits about products that are going to be released. The magazine contains profiles on fashion designers, actresses, musicians and other leaders in entertainment. The articles don’t seem to focus on just “A-List” stars, but instead on people doing innovative and exciting things in the industry. This issue’s primary focus is on TV although it doesn’t overwhelm me as a reader.

This magazine targets young women who are the first to try new things, despite others raising their eyebrows. It appeals to women who friends go to for finding out about the latest music artist or YouTube video. Perfect, NYLON. I think we’ll be getting along just fine 🙂


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