An overview of NYLON’s site

One thing I’m very passionate about is multimedia design. I believe there are so many ways to enhance the reader experience with rich multimedia components such as audio, video, polls, infographics, etc… It’s a really interesting time to see how magazines are experimenting with multimedia or if they’re ignoring it completely. offer some of the same content online as in their September print issue or at least a “sneak peek” view of it. I need to wait until the next issue to be able to decide whether or not they’re just regurgitating the design and content. However, it seems they are adding videos and audio that wouldn’t be available in print. They offer a 1-5 scale (cute, little hearts) for rating articles and allow readers to comment. The ability to share content across social media platforms is super easy to do, which I was glad to see them do a great job of implementing it.

The UX of the site is fairly good, although their sub-navi is a little squished and isn’t prominent enough. I plan on posting a more in-depth critique of this later.

I found myself spending more time on their blog component than their actual site, even though it contained similar content. When I stumbled across the blog, I was was left confused as to where I was in the site, before realizing they were separate sites.

The design of their site has awkward white space where it’s obvious that something isn’t behaving as it should. Everyone, especially magazine and news sites, is struggling with this right now so I’m sure NYLON will continue to grow in web design.


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