Advertisements + NYLON: QR codes galore

One thing I noticed in the very first issue of NYLON was their choice of advertisements. Even though they chose A-List companies, the ads didn’t have A-List celebrities in them like usual. They use regular models (not that that truly exists) who I think sell the product better.

The majority of the advertisements reflect the edgy, hipster style of the magazine. The type was harsher in these ads compared to what you’d see in Marie Claire or Vogue. Many of the ads included QR codes, which I’ve been noticing everywhere lately. Unless the code leads to a coupon or cool YouTube video, then what is the point? The majority of the people I’ve talked to agree that it’s more time-consuming to pull up the QR app and snap the picture than to type in the mobile web address. I think it’s just one of those things people do to say, “Oh, cool. Look what I can do!”

Semi-effective use of QR code in NYLON

Macy’s advertisement | 30-second video of the photo shoot

Not-so-effective use of QR code in NYLON:

Smashbox advertisement | Leads to Smashbox website

QR codes. Just another example of how usability defines everything.

PS: Sorry for the crappy quality of the photos. They were taken on Photo Booth, haha.


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