NYLONewsletter: Does it reel readers to the site?

Every Saturday, I can expect a Newsletter from NYLON in my e-mail inbox. I have mixed feelings about newsletters in general. A part of me finds them annoying and clutter, while another part enjoys them.

Newsletters are effective because they serve as a reminder for people to visit your site. Even if the person deletes the e-mail, the sender of the newsletter is still on their mind. They give readers snippets/previews of what you can find on the site.

When newsletters are most effective:
If you want people to read the newsletter- not just delete it- you have to promote your content in the right way. In my experience, I’ll read a newsletter/promo e-mail if it’s:

a. short text, large headlines
b. links directly to site
c. visually appealing
d. specific, niche content

One company who does a great job at this is JCrew. I almost always open their e-mails, even when I’m flat broke. This isn’t me just be a shopaholic, because I never open Express newsletters or other clothing stores. I can always count on a beautiful presentation, a simple headline and a link to the product.

When newsletters aren’t effective:
If a company sends multiple newsletters a week, people become agitated very quickly. Even more, Gmail and other services, will mark them as spam.  It’s also a bad idea to have 8 pt type and a huge chunk of text in a newsletter. No one is going to read it.

How does NYLONewsletter rank?
NYLON is doing a great job with their newsletter. It’s weekly- so it doesn’t overwhelm me- and it’s never too text heavy. Large headlines, quick blurbs and an appropriate amount of images make it appealing to read. I’ll usually click a story if it interests me. Only thing I’d recommend was that they should highlight 3 stories, because it is a tid bit too long.

– Emily


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