NYLON’s Social Media Presence

As social media becomes a more integrated part of audience engagement, it’s important that publications use these tools to their advantage. These platforms can enhance the user experience and help promote content. That is, if the social media is used effectively. It seems that the defining characteristic of successful social media users is consistent and relevant content.

So, is NYLON using social media in an engaging and effective manner? Overall, yes. NYLON appears to be killing the social media scene.


With more than  400,000 twitter followers, @NylonMag has a strong online presence for a magazine of its size. They usually tweet around 15-20 times per day, depending on content. Some people might find this to be low, but as a Twitter user, I find it to be a good balance between consistently tweeting and being obnoxious.

They establish a dialogue with their readers, crafting tweets that are always clever but never too confusing. Also, their Twitter handle is short which makes it is for users to RT them.

NYLON Magazine has separate Twitter accounts for their international editions and for NYLON Guys. However, none of these are nearly as successful as @NylonMag.


NYLON’s fanpage on Facebook has 207,000+ likes on Facebook. I repeat, more than 200,000 people have liked their magazine on Facebook. To put this into perspective, Harper’s Bazaar only has around 87,000 likes on Facebook. Marie Claire has around 112,000. Vogue has…well…2 million for the U.S. edition, but that’s because it’s Vogue. I’m throughly impressed with this, although it’s not hard to see why so many people are a fan of the magazine. Throughout the day, they post short headlines and link to their site.  They’re consistent, their dialogue is friendly, simple and engaging and their content is interesting. Every post has dozens (if not a hundred) of likes, multiple comments and usually a share.


Although this didn’t overtake Facebook as the “social media experts” predicted, it’s still important to maintain an online presence here. It’s another way to connect with the reader. NYLON doesn’t appear to have a fan page on Google+ but users are sharing NYLON’s content with their friends on it.


NYLON’s YouTube channel, NYLON TV, does a great job of giving the user another element to the story for a richer experience. The videos vary from behind-the-scenes interviews with cover shoots to reviews of what they’re listening to. They’re always light-hearted and fun to watch, making it very addicting when on AutoPlay. They have a loyal subscriber base of around 55,000 people and more than 46,600,000 total channel views! This is a great ad revenue for NYLON, too, as they have unobtrusive cosmetic advertisements on their videos and channel page.

NYLON TV producers know the secret to audience engagement: keep it as concise and interesting as possible. Their videos are rarely more than 2 minutes long.


I didn’t even realize that people, none-the-less publications, still had Myspace pages but good for you NYLON! Although, it doesn’t appear they’ve logged in for a month or posted any content in a year and a half. That’s ok because I don’t think anyone else has, either.


Where is your RSS feed, NYLON?! Oh, there’s the link! At the very bottom of the page. Yes, I know I can go to Google Reader or Safari and manually subscribe to your site, but I’m a lazy user and I want someone to do it for me. NYLON has the XML files for their RSS feed, they just need to implement a “subscribe” or RSS button next to the other social media icons.


@NylonMag has a Klout score of 67, which is pretty impressive. Their influential topics are fashion, entertainment and media so they’re right on target.

Update: According to Klout, NYLON ranks #7 as an online influencer of the topic of fashion. This is a huge achievement considering they’re ahead of Harper’s Bazaar and behind NYTimes Style.




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