NYLON iPhone App: 3/5 Stars

Excellent job designing the iPhone app, NYLON and Mozine. It’s easy to navigate and consistent. The headlines are web/mobile friendly instead of being overly clever. It loads pretty quickly for containing a large amount of content. I also really enjoy the fact that I receive “free year digital subscription,” that anyone can have without registering. 🙂

There are definitely a number of development bugs, though. A few links will take me to blank pages and I have to exit the app completely to get back to the home screen. That’s something that not a lot of users are willing to put up with. It also requires an internet connection, so that’s kind of a bummer, but not really a big deal.

The articles are an appropriate length for reading on a mobile device and the design is simple. They make it easy to share content via social media. I like that the design is definitely consistent with the other platforms of NYLON. The designer/developer was careful to give enough room for links (as we all seem to have fat fingers, haha).

I especially like the photos page. NYLON handles pictures in portrait mode better than any other iPhone app I’ve ever seen, especially considering it’s a magazine. They could improve it, though, by adding a caption that appears when you tap the navigation.

I’d also like to see the photos center themselves (or another similar solution) when in landscape mode to get rid of the awkward white space on the side. They also need to fix the top navi, since it’s not accessible in landscape or when I go from landscape to portrait.

It’d be nice to be able to comment on an article, also.

Right now I give the NYLON iPhone app overall 3 out of 5 stars. The good thing is that the app serves a purpose since the NYLONmag website isn’t mobile friendly at all. Working out the kinks/bugs in the app would definitely bring it up to a 5.




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