Realish World: Day Two

After graduating this past weekend, I’ve faced the “what are you doing with your life?” question enough to drive me insane. Now, I can direct people to this blog to better explain what my plans are for the future.

Learning + Volume of work + Reflection:

I’ve decided that the best route for acquiring skills to become an interactive designer is to spend a few months intensively working at my part-time job at Mizzou Engineering. My awesome boss, Charlie, is allowing me to work on specific projects to help me fine tune these skills. I’m extremely excited at this opportunity, as it seems the work schedule is more like an apprenticeship. One of the requirements he has implemented is to record my thoughts as I go through this process. So, here goes.

First Reflection:

After sketching up some mock-ups of the first web design project I’m doing, I realized some of my inadequacies and some strengths.


I found it hard to sketch freely and quickly. I moved at a slower pace than I would have liked, but hope to get faster. At first, I definitely wasn’t confident in my designs and found them to look sloppy. I constantly questioned whether or not something was “convention in design” or if it was bad design. I need to work harder on selling the design, but I’m sure that will come with confidence. I also found that it was surprisingly helpful to let my mind wander as it naturally does instead of fighting to stay focused.


My enthusiasm for the project forced me to keep mocking up designs when I felt I was stuck. I also believe I do well when bouncing ideas around with other people.

Other lessons:

– thinking through some of the mechanics while creating wireframes  (how to implement it)

– importance of sketching a ton of mockups; a lot of designs won’t work

– setting a personal deadline to keep me accountable and on track






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