Pixel Perfect Design.

Last Friday, I spent 2.5 hours staring at this:

Riveting, I know.

Why? Because in web design, pixel perfect (or nearly pixel perfect) design matters.

After implementing a navi for the NewsMag posts, I decided to make little arrows to help the user know to navigate from “Previous” to “Next.” I’d create 4 arrows– two white ones for previous and next and two gold ones for the hover effect. I’d splice the image so that I could create one PSD file. Should be simple, right? Of course making the arrows was easy. But getting them to line up perfectly with the 14pt “Previous” text next to it is easier said than done. Especially when you consider hover, padding and margins.

To make the arrows I used Photoshop, not Illustrator. This is because Photoshop handles pixels better than Illustrator. As always, Charlie showed me the importance of using a grid. Even though the arrows were the same height as the 14pt “Previous/Next” they looked smaller next to them on screen. Charlie taught me that for this it was important to rely on intuition and to make the arrows look optically perfect.

This is an extra step that a lot of designers would opt out of because clients would never notice. But it’s this attention to detail, obsessiveness for perfection and craftsmanship, that makes the difference between mediocre and great design.

Although it was definitely frustrating at first, I began to oddly enjoy the process. And at some point…It finally clicked. These details may seem meticulous– in fact, most people will never notice– but knowing everything was created with incredible preciseness is assurance that the designer cares and didn’t just slop it together.

And that level of high standards is something that I’ve found often gets left behind on the web.

– Em


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